Our experienced team for Quantitative/Qualitative research- collect data from your target audiences in the consumer, healthcare and business-to-business markets. We deliver a broad range of cost-effective methodologies to suit your study objectives and each study is managed with expertise, care and in close partnership with you. With every project irrespective of any end client, we take time to understand your objectives and any underlying points, so we can provide support tailored to your needs, deliver outstanding respondent responses and complete your market research project on time and on budget.

We have earned a well-deserved reputation for providing quality data and surpassing client expectations, by utilizing experienced, capable, and dedicated staff, along with the latest data collection methods and technology.


When you're ready to conduct qualitative or quantitative market research, you need a partner who can run with your plan and execute it exceptionally well. You want a company that understands your market research needs and can extract appropriate information from your target audience when and where you need.

At Datanetic, we provide CATI service that allows you to reach a wide range of audience around the world. Our process is based on a technically reliable platform that eliminates manual data entry challenges at the time of telephonic interviews. CATI makes your interview process faster and error free by registering responses directly into a specialized software system. At Datanetic Research, weconduct CATI studies for global audience by using specialized panels/databases, we give you top quality interview services and can conduct interviews in strict timelines.

Our telephone researchers are great at interacting with C-level Executives to Managerial level employees and are thoroughly trained in the latest technology and survey research methodology. Techniques such as refusal conversion and the minimization of non-response are essential to efficient interviewing. We educate our staff in detail before each project so that they clearly understand survey topics and instructions.

A member of our team will always be available to you, your team, and your project. While we provide our clients with a single point of contact throughout your project. Our committed, cross-functional, Client centric teams provide you a total resource solution. Our team provide project insight, timely and professional deliverables, and marketing research expertise that is unparallel in the industry. We serve to be the best.


At Datanetic. we provide a web survey administration where participants answer the questionnaires using their own Internet. It’s a surveying technique in which the interviewer confirms eligibility questions over the Telephone and then a designed survey link provided to participants to complete the remaining part over email. CAWI surveys are designed to be self-routing, so the respondent is moved through the survey depending on their answers to previous questions.

CAWI is an affordable solution that gets you a real time data that can be monitored continuously and controlled responses can be obtained taking care of respondent classification. Some more benefits of our CAWI services are guided interviews simplifying questions compilation for respondents, elimination of printing and other administrative costs and reduced time of data collection because of real time availability of survey data which is digitally connected with a centralized server.

It's considered to be a cheaper way of surveying since you don't need to use people to hold surveys unlike CATI. With the increasing use of the Internet, online questionnaires have become a popular way of collecting information.

Why should you choose CAWI Methodology?

  • Appealing to respondents
  • Can track field staff using location-based services
  • Survey related data will be downloaded on the laptop by synching the application with central database using web services.
  • The data can then be reflected in the dashboard at real-time.
  • It requires no real-time connectivity with the server. Can run in off-line mode also.
  • There is no extra cost of prints, interviewer, and data input.
  • The data collection time is reduced.
  • No geographical constraint for data collection.
  • Respondent can think and answer.
  • High participation and retention rate.
  • We opt for phone-based recruitment strategies.
  • We follow ESOMAR norms.


CAPI market research is increasingly becoming an important data collection tool and is used to carry out face-to-face research – most often utilising a tablet. Datanetic Research have specialised CAPI research team available for use in such projects.

CAPI offers several advantages over traditional paper-based surveys, including:

Dynamic Quota Management: The ability to manage dynamic quotas allows to research utilising multiple interviewers across a spread of geographic locations. Where paper-based research may have to be returned to a central point (such as an office) before overall quotas can be determined, CAPI allows for real-time visualisation and also the ability to close certain survey routes when a particular quota is hit.

Electronic Data Format: Returning data in real-time also removes the need for ‘punching data’ from paper to electronic formats for analysis. This not only removes the possible chance of making an error when copying from one format to the other, but also saves a large amount of time and therefore cost.

Minimises Potential Error: A CAPI approach also limits the potential for interviewers to make errors with routing within a survey. Responses to previous questions can be substituted in to subsequent questions automatically, removing the need for interviewer and respondent recall.

Respondent Engagement: CAPI tablets/mobile surveys can show images or other forms of stimulus (videos, logos, audio for instance) which can give a better representation of a product or brand for instance, and also reduces survey fatigue which can occur during long face to face surveys.

In addition, CAPI market research interviewing may come across as sleeker as and more modern than traditional face to face interviewing utilising paper questionnaires. For this reason, CAPI can be a better fit for image conscious brands who feel a paper-based approach may send out the wrong signals.