Our online quantitative methodologies provide the most comprehensive online research solutions available.

  • We have an unparalleled understanding of quality drivers across panel, sample and survey in online research.
  • We are at the front line of online survey optimization, ensuring high engagement with your audience.
  • Our qualitative heritage allows for significantly higher levels of interaction with many of our participants than any other online panel.
  • We provide world-class project management.
  • We have strong, well-profiled panels and access to a large global network.
  • We are able to ensure quality across our network through advanced data collection validations and digital fingerprinting.
  • We have the flexibility to combine online surveys with quantitative methodologies, to provide a complete multi-methodology approach.
  • Our range of services includes programming, hosting and data services.

We are your global research partner. An uncompromising commitment to quality and your success sets us apart :